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What Is The Best Time To Visit Rajasthan?

Everyone loves to travel the different cities or countries but they also look for the best time to make their trip to the particular state or country memorable and enjoyable as well. They take the help of Google or other search engines to check the best time to visit the desired state or country.

The same is for Rajasthan, which is widely famous for the Thar Desert. One of the things you should know before traveling to this state is the best time to visit Rajasthan. Whenever you plan to visit Rajasthan, buy Rajasthan tour packages of at least 7 days from the best travel agency of Rajasthan to enjoy the different cities of Rajasthan.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Rajasthan?

Some Of The Top Destinations To Visit Rajasthan-

  • Jaipur (Pink City)- Capital of the state.
  • Udaipur– The city of lakes.
  • Jaisalmer-The golden city of the desert.
  • Jodhpur– The blue city of Rajasthan.
  • Ranakpur– The temple of the mountains.

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Here are the best time to visit Rajasthan-

Winter – October to March

Winter is the best and ideal time to visit Rajasthan as this is when the temperature is at its most reduced level. During the day, the climate is tolerable to go for touring and evenings are generally cool. Assuming travelers need to explore the desert districts like Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Bikaner, winter is the best and ideal time for a vacation in Rajasthan.

Another solid reason that makes winters the best time to visit Rajasthan is the series of vivid and energizing fairs and celebrations that happen in different urban communities. The absolute most famous celebrations that the state is known for, including the Jaipur Literature Festival, Udaipur World Music Festival, Camel Fair, and Pushkar Fair, are seen throughout the colder time of year season.

The winter is coming and tourists are all set to head to Rajasthan and all the tourists start their journey from Jaipur. So buy the Jaipur tour packages or Jaipur sightseeing tour package from the renowned Tour and Travel Company in Jaipur and start exploring Rajasthan from Jaipur.

Summer – April to June

Since 60% of Rajathasn’sarea is overwhelmed by the Thar Desert, clearly the environment will be hot and moist. In mid-year months, the temperature might be pretty much as high as 48 degrees Celsius during the day, however, the excellence of the shimmering Thar Desert sparkling under singing sunbeams is delightful. Assuming vacationers are eager to go for a trip to Rajasthan during summer, they can make plans for Mount Abu, Kumbhalgarh, or Ranakpur. In these pieces of Rajasthan, the temperature is adequately wonderful to go for the touring visit. In the rest of the Rajasthan, vacationers can go out in the early morning or late evening.

Monsoon- July to September

Somewhat cool when compared with summer, the monsoon is a fun time to go for vacation in Rajasthan. In the rainstorm season, one would see an unexpected change in the scenes as it seems as though the desert is moved by the enchantment wand. Vacationers arranging an outing during the rainstorm season then the must-visit locations in Rajasthan are Jaipur and Udaipur.


Rajasthan, a popular travel destination in India, attracts a high number of local and international tourists every year. Rajasthan is well known for the surreal Thar desert, the old culture, rich history, and massive forts. The imperial forts of Jaipur, beautiful lakes of Udaipur, and desert forts of Jodhpur, Bikaner, and Jaisalmer have consistently been a hit with the explorers. Choose the best time to visit Rajasthan and Buy Rajasthan Tour Package for 7 days and explore every city of Rajasthan in a fun way.


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