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Embark your journey for witnessing the land of cultures, traditions, and beliefs

Welcome to Rajasthan which is also referred to as the “cultural capital of India”. It is the topmost luxurious destination for tourists nationally and abroad. Experience the rich multi-colored land of India with colorful cities of Rajasthan and start your journey for viewing the wealthy culture, dancing to the tunes of ghoomar, enjoying the Rajasthani cuisines, and shop for many handicrafts things like pots, statues, wall hangings, dancing kathputlis, traditional costumes, and accessories and more with taking the cultural tour of Rajasthan vacation package with best tourism companies.

Rajasthan is the only city in India that truly depicts the reflection of traditions and beliefs. Rajasthan has always been a favorite tourist spot for national and international tourists because of its Havelis, forts, palaces, cultures & traditions, and more.

The vacation package cultural tour of Rajasthan offered by many companies takes tourists to all the major cities of Rajasthan and makes them explore the famous things there. You can enjoy sightseeing in many historical monuments and temples and can enjoy the world-famous camel rides at these places and deserts.

Rajasthan is the magical state of India and is known for its heritage, cultures, safaris, dunes, lush green wildlife forests.

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Make your life memorable with the culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a mixed land of faiths, beliefs, practices, and diversities. Rajasthan, from a historic period is known and famous for its vibrant display of cultures. The sandy Rajasthan is basically about living in all traditional styles like peoples of India who lived in ancient times.

While traveling to Rajasthan you will surely feel excited for viewing the unique charm and abundance of celebrations. The architecture of palaces and forts, traditional costumes, cuisines, local markets, traditional language, art & craft, fairs, and festivals always attracts millions of tourists every year.

Unlike other states of India, Rajasthan is also now a developed state but with enduring its culture forever in people’s hearts. Let’s now go through some Rajasthani cultures and look at how peoples live in this gorgeous sandy state

1. Traditional costumes

Traditional costumes

The dress of bright colors, intricate mirror designs, elephants, and animal designs are the most beautiful and gorgeous elements of Rajasthani wear. Men or women, both love to carry these attires on them which still keeps the Rajasthani cultures and values alive. Men in Rajasthan are always seen wearing the pagris and jodhpuri safari with their Rajasthani attire to flaunt the looks and women mostly seen wearing ghagra, the skirt type dress that reaches to the ankle with simple blouses.

2. Traditional languages

As Hindi is widely spoken all over India, you can find the mixing of Hindi with Rajasthani and Marwari language spoken on a common basis in Rajasthan. You will get a chance to hear some new words and scriptures all around Rajasthan. After hearing the beautiful spoken language you will feel very calm and can feel Rajasthan in the air.

3. Traditional music and dance forms

Rajasthani music has always been a crucial part of Rajasthan. Tribal groups dance and music are passed on from so many generations and are adapted by every coming generation. This plays a pivotal role in contributing to the cultural land. Ghoomar, kalbeliya, kathputli, bhopa, change, teratali, grinder, kachchi ghori, tejaji, parth, and more are some popular dancing styles of Rajasthan.

Heroic tales, eternal love stories, and devotional songs are the famous folk music of the desert land of India. To attract the tourists folk music instruments like dholak, sitar, sarangi are played.

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4. Art & craft and architecture

The Rajput rulers of ancient times are very fond of Rajasthani art & craft and architectures. The excellent masterpieces designed by many Rajasthani local designers are very famous across the world. Architectures, miniature paintings, handicrafts, art used in puppeteries truly define the cultures of Rajasthan. Tie dye works, zari work, embroidery, mirror work on clothes, use of precious metals are some precious forms of Rajasthani cultures and traditions.

5. Traditional fairs and festivals

Traditional fairs and festivals

The culture of Rajasthan is mainly known for its fairs and festivals celebrations. Rajasthan always celebrates every religious or regional fair and festivals with great enthusiasm and vigor. Diwali, gangaur, Teej, makar Sankranti are some major festivals that are celebrated all over the state. Kite festival, desert festival, Pushkar Mela are some of the most enjoyable and colorful fairs of Rajasthan. The land of deserts also has commendable bonds with camels, because of this reason many camel rides are being hosted across the state. Most festivals and fairs are organized based on the Hindu religion, but all religions from the state come together to have the fun of these fairs.

With all these handful tips of Rajasthani cultures, you will visit Rajasthan once and feel all the cultures, traditions, and everything face to face. Visit your company today and get your cultural tour of the Rajasthan holiday package today and bless your whole life by exploring the land of deserts once. Happy journey!

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