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Reason Why Rajasthan is famous among tourists of all over the world

Every year, Rajasthan sees a lot of tourists from all over the world. Rajasthan is the royal state of India that has several heritages, beautiful hill stations, different weather conditions, and lots of deserts.

Over the years, Rajasthan has become one of the most famous destinations, even among foreigners. Why is everyone in the world crazy about visiting Rajasthan? Is it the desert, the culture, or the royal palaces and fort? Here are the reasons why Rajasthan is so famous even among foreigners:

Ancient forts and palaces

Rajasthan has a lot of ancient forts and palaces, thus giving it the name, “royal state of India“. Everyone loves to visit the royal forts and palaces of Rajasthan. These places make them feel the royal aura and the way kings used to live. Most of the palaces and forts were made around the 12th century. The ancient architecture used for building these structures is magnificent. Tourists from all over the world would like to witness the beauty of the forts and palaces from their own eyes. To get the feel of kings and queens, the tourists can even ride on an elephant and travel the local areas.

Royal heritage hotels

The royal palaces of Rajasthan are truly magnificent. To make the tourists feel the aura of the palace, some palaces are even used as heritage hotels. In these heritage hotels, you can book a room and experience the royalty. The tourists love to have such a wonderful experience and get all the royal comforts that the former kings and queens used to have. Some of the well-known heritage hotels are- Umaid Bhawan Palace, Udaipur Taj Lego palace, and Jaipur Rambagh Palace.

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Rajasthan hosts some of the most famous sanctuaries in India. These sanctuaries are filled with rare species, vast landscapes, beautiful nature and so much. For a very long time, wildlife sanctuaries have been one of the main reasons for tourists from all over the world to visit Rajasthan. Some of the most famous sanctuaries of Rajasthan are- Ranthambore national park, Sariska tiger reserve, and Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary. The tourists like to hop on a jeep and see the beauty of nature from their own eyes. These sanctuaries have a lot of rare species of birds and animals. The tourists love to see these species living in nature without any fear. For Rajasthan Wildlife Safari Tour Package contact us.

Culture of Rajasthan

Just like other states of India, Rajasthan has its beauty and cultural values. Every city in Rajasthan is known for its beauty and tradition. The tourists get to witness the local folk songs of various tribes living in Rajasthan. Puppet shows are also the reason for attracting many tourists as the puppet shows in Rajasthan are incomparable. Every city is unique and beautiful in its way. Some of the most important places that tourists love to visit are- The blue city of Jodhpur, Holy city of Ajmer, Golden city of Jaisalmer, City of the lakes, and the rose city of Jaipur.

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Folk dance and music

There is something unique about the folk songs of Rajasthan. Different tribes have their unique music and they dance to it. Tourists from all over the world are attracted to this and love to witness the folk music of various tribes. Usually, men are the one who plays the instruments and women dance to it.

There are so many different types of folk music in Rajasthan that it would take days just to listen to all of them. The folk stories are also very famous among tourists. The tourists love to know about the history of the place, its story, and how it used to be. Tourists from all over the world are in love with the culture and folk stories of Rajasthan.

Colorful festivals of Rajasthan

Throughout the year, Rajasthan sees a lot of festivals. It won’t be wrong to say that every month there is an upcoming festival. Everything about these festivals is unique like music, dance, clothes, and cultural heritage. Whichever month you choose to visit Rajasthan, you will always find that there is an upcoming festival. The tourists love to take part in these festivals and blend in with the local tradition and culture. The locals accept the tourists with open arms and help them take part in the festivals.

An unique experience

Rajasthan has a lot of things to offer like dune riding, desert camping, trekking and so much more. There are so many things that you can do when you are in Rajasthan. The tourists get a lot of wonderful experiences during their stay in the state. The tourists love to go trekking, visit the famous lakes, do desert camping, and so many other activities.

So, if you are wondering whether you should visit Rajasthan or not, then you should not have any second thoughts. Get the best Rajasthan tour package, pack your bags, and head straight for the state without any doubt.

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