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Pushkar Fair: Million Dollar Experience Everyone Should Have

Pushkar, a beautiful town located in the Rajasthan is well known for its charm which attracts Indian wonderers as well as firangis. The word Pushkar means lotus flower, which is considered as a holy flower and considered as the seat of Lord Brahma. According to the Indian Vedas and Puranas Brahma is acknowledged as the creator of our motherland Earth. This town is a prominent Hindu pilgrimage, and every person who follows this religion should visit this holy place and the famous Jagatpita Brahma Mandir in his lifetime, this temple is one of the prominent reasons why people magnetized towards this village.

Apart from being a holy place, there is one more thing about this town which attracts people from all over the world, that one thing is Pushkar Fair. Some people know this fair with the names like Pushkar Camel Fair or Pushkar Mela. This fair is popular for showing the energetic and colorful exhibitions, engaging contests and fascinating events. This is a seven-day long camel and livestock fair which is organized every year in the months of October and November on the occasion of Holy Kartik Purnima.

What is the Pushkar Fair?

In this astonishing festival, the desert landscape of Pushkar is seen covered with around 50,000 camels and other animals, if anyone wants to witness the beautify and elegance of Rajasthani culture, it is the most appropriate option to explore. Watching the gathering of horses, camels, farmers, and villagers from all over the Rajasthan wearing the ethnic wear is like once in a lifetime experience for people. Even the villagers dress their cattle like camels and cows in colorful outfits, the royal ride of thar is ornamented with classic jewelry, silver, and adorable clothes. Even exciting competitions like camel beauty contest, camel race, and dance shows could be experienced here. People from all the world come to visit Pushkar at this time enjoy rich and royal Rajputana culture, you can also experience the rich Rajputana Culture with Rajasthan Tour Packages.  Markets of Pushkar got decorated in fancy styles to attract more and more customers, shop owners dressed in ethnic attire aims to sell traditional jewels and souvenirs at the time of the fair.

What is the schedule of Pushkar Fair 2019

In 2019 the Pushkar Fair is scheduled from 4th Of November to 12th Of November 2019. There are hundreds of other things to explore during this phase of the Pushkar Camel Festival, so if you are looking to explore this adorable festival, then book India tour packages as this festival is happening from 04 Nov 2019 to 12 Nov 2019. Be a part of this amazing fair gain this million-dollar experience once in the journey of your life.

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