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Why Pushkar is a must-add tourist spot in Rajasthan for November tours?

It’s a beautiful sight when camels in thousands start flocking in Pushkar during November. The toughest animal in a desert is what helps the natives to survive in the harsh climate. The Pushkar Fair is held in a traditional style dating back centuries where the breeders, buyers, and sellers meet. Over the years, Pushkar has achieved immense popularity among indigenous and foreign tourists. It is also considered as one of the biggest aggregations in the world regarding camels. The Rajasthan Camel Festival held in this place is worth witnessing and will be an experience of a lifetime.

How and where it is celebrated?

Pushkar, a small town in the northwestern part of Ajmer, is situated just at the edge of Thar Desert. It has a huge fairground where almost all the activities and events are organized for five days. The preparation begins a few days earlier and people from all over the world start coming here. The ground is situated right beside the National Highway 89. The camels, brought by the owners and breeders in this fair, are normally shaved and well-dressed.

Many of them participate in a beauty contest held by the organizers. The camels are also raced and danced in shows. In this fair, camels are traded. Apart from trading, this place is visited by various performers such as musicians, dancers, magicians, snake charmers, acrobats, carousel rides, etc. It is an excellent meeting ground of so many talents that you will enjoy colorful evenings to remember them all. A Pushkar Fair Package should be planned according to the program and event calendar is published by the tourism department of the state.

What else you can do here?

Apart from checking the huge camel stocks, colorful dresses of adorned by the camels, and various talents performing in the ground, you can also visit Pushkar Lake. The legend says that a lotus fell from the hands of Lord Brahma here and created a serene lake. The lake looks like a lotus petal as it is semicircular in shape. It has more than 400 temples dedicated to different deities worshipped by the Hindu locals. Pushkar has the only temple that worships Lord Brahma in the entire country.

The beautiful scene of temples in the shore of the lake with hillocks in the background will be an exquisite thing to witness here. A dip in the divine lake will make you feel refreshed. In fact,Pushkar is considered as a must-visit pilgrimage site for Hindus. This is why the Rajasthan Tour Packages planned during the month of November always consider Pushkar as a part of the itinerary list.

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Important dates and things to know

The picturesque beauty of the desert edge, a serene lake, hillocks at the back, blue sky, and the gathering of people in Pushkar is one thing that you cannot miss. Start planning your Rajasthan tour this year as the official dates for this fair is 4th to 12th November. Contact your Rajasthan Tour planner and make sure to ask everything you want to know about all the fun in Pushkar.

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