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Questions to Ask from Your Travel Agency

Bored sitting back at home? Planning for a vacation? Confused about various questions to ask your agency? Let’s get it clear.

While they want to treat you to a vacation in this boredom. You should realize how important it is to plan your vacation properly. With the help of travel agencies, organizing and setting on vacation has now become easier than before. Booking with travel agencies gives you various India travel packages which help you with planning your vacation in affordable packages.

Few favorable questions to ask from your travel agency

What does your travel agency specialize in?

The very first thing you must be clear and know about your agency is in which field is your agency specialized. Some of the most reputed travel agencies specialize in booking trips to various destinations worldwide. And if that is what your travel agency is popular for, you can be certain about a travel itinerary that’s worth both money and the time.

Whether there is any specific time to visit the place where you are planning?

This is a must question you should know and ask your agency. The place you want to visit might be specialized in something and visiting that is a must, so you should know beforehand whether that place is worth visiting at that time or not. Likewise, if you are willing to visit Shimla and it’s the end of November and December when you are planning to go then you might witness a snowfall, India travel packages are very high at this time. Commonly, destinations and packages become expensive depending on the time of the year when you are traveling.

Whether you have visited the place before or not?

Experience of the place you have visited or not always helps you in setting a plan for your vacation. This way, chances of yours of getting more insight into the culture of the place always helps you. With an experienced travel agency, you will be able to get a fair idea of what to expect when you land up at the destination. It becomes cumbersome and easy to relate to the travel agency and have a fair idea of everything if you have already paid a visit to the place.

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Has the travel agency booked a ticket for the destination in the past?

A travel agent who has booked tickets in the past to the destination you want to visit makes it less complicated for you. With prior experience, the agency will be more clear about the hotels and ongoing packages that can help you. It gives you less stress on booking with the agent who has the experience of the destination and you can explore more of the place and clear more of your doubts with the agency. All your travel-related concerns can be cleared easily with the agency.

Are there any other cheaper alternatives that can be a part of the booking?

Concerning your travel agency, you can get some alternatives to your bookings or packages. At times, booking up with the agencies can be fruitful and might help you with bits in the expenses or might help up get some benefits. There are time to time offers that can be availed by you by booking with the agency.

There can be an adjustment made in the flight tickets for a day or two that can help you with a difference in the cost of flight tickets and accommodation as well.

What facilities have been added to my itinerary? What is the other to do there?

This question will help you with your baggage and things you need to carry. You should be clear about the activities you are going to perform. This will make you clear about the things you have to carry and what other activities and fun you can do over there. You should be clear about how and when are things scheduled for you.

What are the travel documents that need to be carried by you on the trip?

Traveling to selective destinations may warrant you to carry your visa, which in turn will need some necessary documents like medical certificates, marriage proof(if married), bank statements, aadhar card( as you identity card), and likewise. International travel will require your passport, something you will need to have handy all the time.

What about reimbursements and travel insurance?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask your travel agency. Before fixing everything you should get assurance and clarity on your travel insurance. Amidst all the rush and planning, don’t forget to ask your travel agent about your travel insurance and other possible refunds.

This is significant, considering your flights getting canceled or any other unavoidable circumstances that can put your trip in the back seat. Make sure of what your travel insurance covers, this can range from your medical insurance, lost belongings/baggage, and postponement of the trip if any.

You should compare your travel insurance online and be sure of what all it covers. Choose travel insurance that fits your financial objectives and other considerations well.

Is there any other fee that has not been included in the travel plan?

You might have booked your trips with a particular agency in the past and that might have proved itself to be good for you. But it is always better to be on the safer side and probe the agency and know whether there has been any extra charge or fee or payment that has to be done later in the trip.

You should be clear about the activities and the places you are going to visit, whether you have any charges or not. If yes then whether the charges have been inclusive or not in the total cost in the outlay you have been informed. Prior information in detail beforehand will make the trip worth remembering and won’t be stressful in between.

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Can you tell me some emergency numbers that I might need?

In case of any type of emergency, it is important for you to already be prepared at the time if needed. This assumes extra relevance if you are visiting the place for the first time. Ask the travel agency to provide you with the list of emergency numbers that can be useful, the list might contain the numbers of residents local police stations, and for medical help.

If you feel that your travel agent is drawing your heart’s desires by listening to you and making your trip more fun-loving the way you want then you are in good hands.

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