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Life after the Corona Crisis

‘Lockdown’ has been the singular contribution of 2020 to our vocabulary. Mighty or weak, rich or poor – nations supreme and middling and downright despondent. All have had to bear the brutal brunt of the mysterious Corona.

While some folk have been querulous over ‘infringement’ of rights, it is only right that, while we have the strength, we must bring to bear our own good health upon the transmission of the virus. We are conscious enough to look after ourselves, and the lives of the more vulnerable depend upon our conduct. Lest we forget right conduct during this once–in-a-century pandemic, we shall e weaving it in right into our daily routine. Hand sanitizers will stay with us for a good time more.

The Elderly At Home If the elderly have been rather undernourished in our homes in the past –it’s time to bring the latest nutritionist knowledge in, bringing home health truly up to speed. Once should always be on the loop as to the trending nutrients. Joking aside, it would be good to bring nutritious food to the elderly, so that they can catch up with, and then outstrip the Corona in the race for both survival, and health. Immunity issues have to be addressed.

Us In The World Once elderly immunity has been addressed, it would make eminent sense to look out for ourselves. Which nutrients are the best to bring long lasting immunity? Are they too new-fangled, some of them? Are they easy to procure? Generations down the line, your successors will thank you for your foresight.

Best Immunity Boosters What does it mean to be better nourished? Eating real whole foods – fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes and healthy fats and reducing the intake of ultra-processed foods. We can start with these : Blueberries, Dark chocolate, Turmeric, Broccoli, Sweet potatoes, Spinach, Ginger, Garlic, Green tea, Sunflower seeds, Almonds, Oranges, Red bell pepper.

The Advantages Of Being Indian Hand washing, immunity boosting – and the right appreciation of our home. India has protected us, while large swathes of the world have been ravaged. More than a quarter of COVID 19 cases worldwide have occurred in America. Time we became more conscious, more appreciative of our good fortune. Indian climate, Indian weather, nurture us . By being pro active citizens of the Indian bio sphere, we will be contributing to a cleaner, healthier world. Let’s us appreciate the heat and the humidity. It has been suggested that these make viruses weak. When we are out there again, in the open – commuting, amidst continuing restrictions – let’s commit ourselves to being joyful as regards living in India.

While not letting down our guard, there’s more than a kernel of truth in the hypothesis that heat and humidity puts a brake on COVID 19 and such scourges. We have to be mindful however of the devastation wreaked upon warm countries like Iran – not exactly a cold climate region nation. Our optimism must be tempered with reason. Maybe India has what Iran lacks. Nevertheless, we go to battle fully prepared. We are in this tussle for the long haul. We go into it – with a light heart and a serious intent.

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