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A Complete Guide to Travel in India


Every person on this planet loves to travel around. People travel to different cities and even countries these days for the fun. They have started spending money on holidays. Times have changed when people used to refrain themselves from travelling.

Where to Travel?

People love to travel to the places where the following points are met

  • There is security of the tourist. Places like Pakistan/ Afghanistan are the places where people ignore to travel. India is one of the widely travelled country in the world.
  • Weather is pleasant and supportive. People tend to travel at the places where there is neither too cold nor too hot. Moderate climate is preferred. India in the month of October to February has the moderate climate where northern part of the country has cold weather while rest of the country has pleasant weather supportive of tourism.
  • Affordable holidays. Travel to India is not that expensive as the hospitality is not that expensive here and overall daily expenses are not high.
  • Famous tourist places. People tend to visit the places which are famous worldwide. India has a lot of famous tourist places like Taj Mahal, Red Fort, India Gate, Gateway of India, Lotus Temple, Victoria Memorial, etc. which are spread across the country.

 Best Time to Travel in India

India is such a diversified country that it has all the weathers in all the months in the country. Starting from Northern mountains which are cold to down to Northern plains which have extreme weather throughout the year. Western and eastern part of the country have beaches with humid weather while southern peninsula again has the moderate climate. So, the country offers something for everyone who tends to travel the country anytime. But the peak season when people visit India is from October to December. New year tour packages and Christmas vacation trips are made by the people. Christmas and New year is the time when people travel; from outside India to India for celebrating Christmas or New Year.

Different India Vacation Packages

Vacation Trip India offers variety of Holiday Packages to India at an affordable price. They will provide you the package depending upon the interest.  They have a tour golden triangle tour in India which covers Delhi, Agra, a city in Uttar Pradesh and Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. All three cities have their own tourist spots and attract thousands of tourists from across the globe. Rajasthan is the state which has its own culture and different tourist locations like Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Western Part of the country has places like Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore which are famous for the beach destination in the country. Taking to the eastern part, North Eastern part has its own scenic beauty and cities like Kolkata, Vizag covers the Eastern part of the country. The southern Peninsula has cities like Chennai, Banglaore and places like Kannyakumari in Kerala which is the southernmost tip of the country.

We promise to provide you the holiday packages to India at an affordable price making it the best choice of your dream coming true. Come travel to India! It is waiting for you.


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